Science, Technology, Economics, Maths AND ART!

We’re really pleased to see that the STEM movement (Science, Technology, Economics and Maths) is now beginning to incorporate the Arts and that the STEAM movement has now begun.

I was reading an article in the independent online that said, “The demand for STEAM resources has picked up in the last few years as teachers recognise the importance of incorporating creative thinking and visual learning into the classroom.”

Well finally! For years the creative subjects have been gradually whittling away and deemed not as important as Math’s, English and Science. But why? We at Art and Parcel co. strongly believe that creativity is just as important as these subjects. Creativity fuels the ability to problem solve, innovate and explore new and unfamiliar areas. What’s important in any creative act is self-expression and when children create it makes them feel good which also boosts self-confidence.

There are so many jobs out there that require creativity but society tells us to concentrate mainly on Maths and English. Take for example Architects, Web Developers, and Teachers, they obviously all need maths and English but they also rely heavily on vision, they need to be able to problem solve and be creative. Teachers have such a challenging job these days of fitting everything in I don’t envy them at all.

Even the international iconic educational programme, Sesame Street, recently announced there 43rd season will incorporate the arts into its existing STEM focus. Yay!

Our aim is to keep kid’s creative, even if this means children having to get their creative fix at home. This is why we started the Art and Parcel co. Not enough children get the chance to go wild and create something amazing. As parents, we understand that time isn’t always on our side, it takes time to find something to make, buy the items needed and then follow through with the task. Our parcels include EVERY single thing your child needs to become a little artist and make something that we like to call a ‘KEEPY’. Something you’ll want to keep for years to come and not throw into the recycling bin next week.

By subscribing to Art and Parcel co. you’ll ensure that your child gets the opportunity to sit down (or stand up) and concentrate on getting their creative juices flowing every month. We guarantee you this will bring a big smile to their faces 🙂